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Let’s face it - facial massage is often overlooked as an essential part of good skin care.

Yet throughout all of history, we've time and time again been brought back to the reality that the simple things matter most. All cultures, throughout all of human history, we are brought back to the importance of massage. In Ayurveda, Abhyanga is a large part of their belief system. 

Massage can decrease numbness by increase neurological sensations.

It encourages your Circulatory and Lympathic systems to move along throughout the body and this way theres a constant flow. Theres no doubt that it relaxes your muscle and releases tension,. 

Learn a few key tricks of what to do at home and any time you feel you need to release some tension, please book an appointment with us. 

This is a practice we encourage all of our clients to do in the comfort of their homes as well. 

Facial massage inspires many wonderful experiences from within, including a calmer state of being.

We often carry our stress and tension in our bodies, especially our face, neck and shoulders.

Setting aside just 30 minutes will increase lymphatic drainage

and encourage muscle relaxation and boost your collagen development.

Collagen is the protein that keeps the skin strong and structured;

as we age our collagen reduces through natural factors.

Facial massage will reduce inflammation, swelling, fine and deep lines

by increasing blood circulation and oxygen flow to the facial muscles and skin,

the face is less likely to fall into deep wrinkles or show signs of physical and emotional stress.

A good facial massage can not only reduce stress, but can also relieve it. 

Aging is a fact of life.

That being said, we believe it is important that we love ourselves through all the stages of life.

Love the skin you're in because each moment of your life is perfect.

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