Our face is what we show the world.

At Surya we’ve discovered that the simpler we remain, the better we understand our skin.

We have taken on a holistic and minimal approach to understanding skincare.

With the use of botanical carrier and essential oils we are remaining as close to nature as possible. 

It’s back-to-basics for us. 

Let’s face it - facial massage is often overlooked as an essential part of good skin care.

Facial massage encourages many wonderful experiences from within, including a calmer state of being.

We often carry our stress and tension in our bodies, especially our face, neck and shoulders.

Take some time out for yourself, to relax the areas of your body that do the heavy lifting.


30 minutes $50

At Surya we believe that our skin, being our outer most cover, 

is a substantial reflection of things that are occurring from within.

Our daily stress-related skin concerns can be handled with grace using a few essential tools in your day-to-day life.

Intuitive skincare to us, means understanding that the root cause of the reaction, is critical to the healing process.

Whether you need healing or you’re looking for preventative skincare,

We will guide you on the different aspects of natural skincare.


30 minutes $60



2 hours $120

Our hydrating facials are perfect for anyone in need of a deep and thorough cleanse.

We will ensure your skin is feeling clean and muscles are lifted. 

We remove all of your skin discrepancies including:

blackheads, whiteheads, papules, pustules, nodules, milia and scar reduction. 

The hydrating facial is perfect for those of us that are in need of anti-aging and skin lacking a dewy glow.



2 Hours $140

As we only believe in gentle non-abrasive treatments, 

microdermabrasion falls perfectly under this category.

Including all the details from the hydrating facial

we've added an extra step in the right direction, for those who need it.

Using mechanical suction to exfoliate the dead skin cells

that lay dormant on the outer most layer of the skin.

The process brings with it newer skin cells that immediately look and feel smoother.

Allowing your skin care oils to work effectively by penetrating deeper. 

Revealing your glow from within.