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Meet Neha

Medical Aesthetician

Specializing in natural and holistic skincare

Over the past several years, Neha has been working passionately with clients to understand the different factors that can impact our skin. At Surya we love discovering ways to dive deeper into the internal and external factors that give skin its different characteristics. What makes it soft or rough, oily or dry, hormonal nor not, why some age faster and how to slow it down, how we can age gracefully and above all, the importance of self-love. 

Having spent most of her life using a combination of doctor recommended pharmaceutical creams and drugs as well as commercial beauty store products, natural remedies were not always her first call to action. She has come a long way since the days of struggling with her own skin and hair difficulties. Whether it was battling solar dermatitis or excess hair growth, she was never given a permanent solution. Everything seemed like a band-aid and nothing seemed to be a permanent solution. Once she realized it was possible to cure a problem from the root, she had to share her findings with the world. Neha shifted her focus and uncovered a world of carrier and essential oils that were 100% Organic, Cold-Pressed, derived without any chemicals. They are grown in nature and sourced from all around the globe and have been used for as long as we can remember. Enter Surya Meditation Spa. 

The best way to share her information and passion for skincare was through the creation of facials that were one of a kind. Neha has created facials and skin care that can impact and heal us. Creating a better understanding of the self and going within, is one of the most important journeys we are here to accomplish. Neha doesn’t just look at the skin as an individual part, instead she views the skin as a piece of the puzzle. Our bodies are a unit and they work together. If one piece is causing dis-ease then there is something deeper we need to look into. She believes our thoughts play a vital role in our existence. The things we think, play a big role in how our bodies function. Learning ways to focus our attention on ourselves in a healthy way is extremely important for human life. Certain things that we are not taught but we need, is what Neha wants to share with everyone. The way we breathe, the importance of our breath, how to focus our wandering attention, the food we eat, the way we eat it, how to drink water, our physical importance, loving ourselves before we can love others, understanding that things are never happening to us, they are always happening for us. Since being on this path, Neha is always searching for the root cause of the each individual unique problem and finding ways to heal has helped her to discover the positive impact that botanicas can have on our lives. Switching from multiple brands and products to just a few simple ingredients has been the best decision Neha made. Sharing the oil cleansing method using sustainable tools like our Bamboo Microfiber cloths with the world for a minimal outlook on skincare.

And we proudly want to share our lifestyle with you. 

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The Journey Towards Healthy Skin

Begins on the Path of Self Love.

Begin Your Journey Today.

Infinite Movements x Surya Med Spa (Rebr

Skin Consultations

Add On: 1 hr 30 min

Hydrating/Microdermabrasion Meditation Facial

If client decides to opt-in for either facial,

the cost of the consultation will be deducted.

30 Minute Skin Consultation

  • For clients seeking a holistic skin care routine

  • Clients in need of healing acne prone skin

  • Seeking to heal sun allergy


Let's Get Minimal

I’ve started going to Surya Med Spa over a year ago for monthly facials. The owner, Neha, really helped my skin. I had a mix of dry and oily skin, as well as some acne. Her treatment plan was awesome as it helped clear up my skin. The products that she used and recommended worked well on my skin. She is super friendly and has a positive attitude. She is very knowledgeable in skincare and recommends the best for you. I definitely recommend going in for a consult and starting monthly facials. Your skin will thank you.


I’ve been going to Neha @ Surya Med Spa for the last year for facials and it has made such a difference on my skin! She takes her time with her clients and constantly recommends natural products to use, which I love!

Angela, S

Let me tell you.. Neha is a miracle worker! I was pretty skeptical about facials & people just touching my face in general, but getting a hydrating facial done with Neha changed the entire experience for me! I've had a few facials done at Surya Med Spa now and they were the most relaxing & rejuvenating experiences ever! I highly recommend these facials, especially for bride's looking to relax before their big day. Thanks Neha! my skin loves you right now:)

Megha, K

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