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The reason our facials are loved is due to their attention to details.

The goal is that for the two hours you are with Neha,

you are present. In the moment & with yourself. 

Below is the process describing your process that are taken throughout the facial.

We encourage you to read through the details of the facial

so you know what to look forward to. 

Infinite Movements x Surya Med Spa (Rebr

Oil Cleanse

Our facials begin

with applying oils that are suitable

for your skin type and condition,

directly on to your dry skin. 

The oils will attract and pull your skins dirty oils to the surface

while removing makeup,

spf and any debris. 

To prepare your skin for the facial, we will start with a deep and relaxing facial muscle massage. 

Infinite Movements x Surya Med Spa (Rebr

Hot Steam

One of the most important steps in any great facial,

is the hot steam.

The steam not only prepares 

your skin for extractions

by softening and opening pores,

it also dilates your blood vessels

and increases circulation.

Infinite Movements x Surya Med Spa (Rebr


Extractions will leave you

feeling lighter and truly clean. 

Although this process is slightly discomforting,

this is one of those steps that you will experience short-term pain

for long-term gain.

(Our 5 second inhale and 5 second exhale come in very handy during this portion of the facial).

We remove all the

skin discrepancies shown below. 

We are experts at utilizing a lancet as shown in the picture above for any deeper whiteheads or milia

that may be concerning you. 

Infinite Movements x Surya Med Spa (Rebr

Double-Oil Cleanse

Double-oil cleansing using a different set of carrier oils targeting your skin concerns will ensure

that we have removed

all the impurities in your skin.

This step will soften your pores while preparing your skin 

for the facial steam. 

Any remainder makeup,

spf, dirt and debris

will be removed during this time. 

Infinite Movements x Surya Med Spa (Rebr

Extremity Massage 

During the hot steam,

we will be focusing

on giving your extremities

and neaural pathways 

a relaxing massage. 

The areas of our bodies

that do a lot of the work,

but don't get nearly the attention

and love that they deserve. 

Starting with the hands,

leading up to the forearms

and ending with the feet. 

Copy of Copy of Copy of Untitled.jpg


A key to glowing skin - is exfoliating.

Our skin cells are shedding

and renewing every 30 days.

The problem is - they can remain on our top layer even after the renewal process has occurred.

To help things along, we exfoliate.

Microdermabrasion is a safe and gentle way of mechanically suctioning and removing the dead skin. They are great for anyone looking for a deeper cleanse, has dry skin, anti-aging and someone who finds that they don't get to experience facials frequently.









A gentle, effective, mechanical exfolation

The reason our facials are loved is due to their attention to details.

The goal is that for the two hours you are with Neha, you are present.

In the moment & with yourself. 

Below is the process describing your process that are taken throughout the facial.

We encourage you to read through the details of the facial

so you know what to look forward to. 

Infinite Movements x Surya Med Spa (Rebr


High frequency machines are a staple in Surya facials. With the use of a glass high frequency electrode, a mild electrical current passes through the argon gas filled glass electrode. Once applied to the surface of the skin the wand emits a violet light with a subtle buzzing sound. During the treatment, enriched oxygen molecules are produced that create an anti-bacterial action and natural thermal tissue warming. This reaction helps your blood vessels push away toxins and kill bacteria. This in turn creates an increase in blood circulation and cell renewal that supports increased levels of collagen and elastin. The skin is left feeling instantly energized and noticeably softer after just one treatment.

Infinite Movements x Surya Med Spa (Rebr


At Surya we believe that a huge part of taking care of our external skin is also taking care of our internal thoughts. We often take the time out to relax our physical bodies, but our busy mind continues from the moment you rise to the moment you are asleep.

Taking a moment to slow down and focus on your thoughts is a great self care practice, one with many rewards. During the meditation we will start with positive affirmations and trickle our way into a body scanning exercise. During which we will be focusing on areas of your physical body that have caused you pain or discomfort.

Our belief is that our thoughts

are the soil that create the environment for our bodies to thrive in.

Updating and deleting thoughts

that don’t serve us is crucial

to live a healthy and happy life.

Alongside we will be doing a gentle massage of the décolleté. 

Infinite Movements x Surya Med Spa (Rebr


Following the meditation we will have a deep tissue facial massage.

By manipulating our muscles,

we allow increased blood flow, 

which will bring forth new

and filtered blood in the area.

Encouraging breakouts to heal, 

reducing fine lines and wrinkles

and giving your face, a natural lift.

Neha has studied massage therapy

and knows the importance

of muscle relaxation.

Beginning at the shoulders and décolleté, moving to the neck and upwards to the facial muscles.

Infinite Movements x Surya Med Spa (Rebr

Organic Face Mask


With a blend of of Organic ground ingredients, cold-pressed carrier oils, essential oils and a hint of H2O, we apply the mask on your skin.

The mask will tighten your skin and close your pores while fading scars and evening out your skin tone.

As your mind focuses on your breath,

the mask is filled with nutrients

that are being absorb into your skin. 

The mask is left on for 10 minutes.

And gently removed.

Surya Microfibre ClothsAugust 09, 2019-1

Steam Hot Towel


Now that we've applied the oils, 

we want to give them a little push with the use of our hot gentle face cloths. This will melt the oils, softening them for deeper penetration.

Infinite Movements x Surya Med Spa (Rebr

Scalp Massage

To relax you even further, 

we end the facial massage portion

with a scalp, neck and ear massage.

This important step

will benefit many aspects of your body.

From memory and cognition to supporting the nervous system.

Allow yourself to immerse

into the facial bed and release

all the tensions in your muscles. 

Infinite Movements x Surya Med Spa (Rebr

Organic Oils

Once the mask has been removed,

the next step is to apply

Organic carrier and essential oils.

Since your skin is beautifully clean,

we want the oils to penetrate

and hydrate for weeks to come.

Massaging the oils into your skin

will ensure just that. 

Infinite Movements x Surya Med Spa (Rebr

Oil Infused Ghee


The very last step of our facial, we circle back to our Oil Infused Ghee.

Ghee is known for its restorative

and healing properties and is suitable for all skin types. 

The Infused Ghee is high in

Vitamins A, E and D. 

The oils that we have infused add an extra step in the right direction.

Sending you off with nourished

and hydrated skin.

Ready to take on the world.








7's an experience 

We take pride in our ingredients being all natural, Organic and Cold-Pressed.

Since our skin absorbs 60% of what we apply on it,

enjoy fillers and chemical-free skincare that's naturally derived.

We believe in plant power and are certain that all of your skin concerns

can be looked at carefully without harming the skins natural barrier. 

The perfect assistants in reaching your optimal skin.

Our Ingredients

i-qCb6KVj-X2 (1).jpg

Oil Infused Ghee

Organic Carrier Oils

Organic Essential Oils

Ghee originated in India

and has been used all throughout history

for as long as we can remember.

Once you've experienced the benefits our clients are quick to add it as a staple in their beauty regime

Known for its ability to retain moisture

alongside balancing qualities,

making it suitable for all skin types. 

Our grass-fed and Organic Infused Ghee

is a natural beauty enhancer

and is infused with more nutrients: 

Sea buckthorn, Sesame Seed,

Sweet Almond, Lavender & Frankincense.

Different carrier oils have different properties

and an endless list of uses.

We use a wide range of carrier oils

for specific skin types and concerns.

They are best used to dilute the essential oils

and help “carry” them into the skin.

Carrier oils have been derived from the seeds, kernels, or nuts of their plant.

Essential oils have played a key role in health

and beauty rituals since the beginning of time.

Inhaling and applying essential oils to the skin   

can send signals to parts of your brain

that play and impact your emotions.

They're called the Amygdala and Hippocampus,

via our Olfactory receptors. 

This is one of the reason why they're so effective. 

They're the essence of a plant and

each have a unique aromatic compound.

Essential oils are extracted from the bark, flower, fruits, roots and seeds of the plants.

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